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Some frequently asked questions that may help when using Sell Your Car 2day,
if you can’t find a relevant answer please get in touch

If the information about the vehicle provided to our team is accurate then ‘Yes’ you will receive the full amount. Let us know about body defects, wheel damage, engine or electrical issues before the appointment to avoid large variations in the vehicle value.

As soon as you are happy to go ahead with the sale then we will securely transfer the full amount into your bank account from our HSBC business account, the maximum wait time is 2 hours as transfers can be subject to fraud checks but we won’t take the car until funds have cleared.

We are very confident that we can beat our major competitors offers. Our vehicles go direct to retail cutting out the costly auction house fees and nationwide transport costs that other companies are paying for.

The only criteria we ask for is that the vehicle runs and drives. We can buy cars with issues and expired Mots.

We have dealt with numerous finance companies and normally we get finance settlements paid up with confirmation on the same day of sale.

If you are a company looking to liquidate a fleet of cars or need regular car disposal then please get in touch.

We have a local group of retailers that prepare and sell your car on our behalf, so normally will own your car until it has sold to its new keeper. This cuts out a multitude of costs that many of our competitors incur.

Yes we are happy for you to come to us but please make an appointment to avoid us not being available when you arrive.

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